terms of service !

♡ i do not do refunds, unless i am uncapable of finishing your commission.
♡ you cannot sell merch of your commissioned art. ex. printing it on shirts, keychains, etc.
♡ you can repost the commission anywhere you'd like, I'd appreciate a credit though.
♡ you can ask me for a wip at any time of the commission and i will provide you with it.
♡ the secret answer to commission me is "little cloud"
♡ i take commissions in euros only. if you'd like to know how much that is in your currency, you can convert it online.
♡ you can ask for commission to be altered slightly after it's finished. for example if i've forgotten some details, fixing colours, etc. can draw:
♡ furries, kemonomimis, (humans with animal ears and tails)
♡ closed / open species (if you have their permission)
♡ props (animals, items, dolls)
♡ blood, bruises, cuts (however note that those won't be posted on my socials if there is a lot of gore)
♡ lingerie that covers everything that needs to be covered

won't draw:
♡ full nsfw, gore (organs, a lot of blood, huge injuries)
♡ fetish art (im okay with drawing bare feet, but they will NOT be the focus point of the work.)
♡ hate art
♡ i won't work with only description, please provide any kind of references, even if its a pinterest board.
♡ no group art. (currently i am not comfy with drawing multiple people in one picture.)

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